Your new best friend in eCommerce Fulfillment Services

eCommerce fulfillment services; now New School Logistics for upcoming brands like you!

We’re taking our 80 years of logistics expertise and changing it up.  Our on-demand eCommerce fulfillment and shipping solutions are designed for small businesses like you!

High Transportation Costs is in the past!

We provide access to a vast eCommerce fulfillment network. As a result, you get volume discounts with major carriers.  Also, dedicated capacity all year round!

Your new best friend in eCommerce Fulfillment Services

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New school logistics with years of expertise
We're taking our 80+ years of logistics expertise and changing it up with our on demand eCommerce fulfillment solution.
Make high transportation costs a thing of the past
We give you get access to our vast fulfillment network and volume discounts, plus dedicated capacity all year round.
Seamless Shopify Integration
Who said integrating with a logistics partner was a hassle? Everyone! So we changed that, and now it's simple, speedy, and secure.
Digital and logistics expert, so you can be a Business Expert
We take the confusion out of logistics and bring not only excellent customer service, but excellent operational service, so customers are always happy (yours and ours!)

Shopify Fulfillment Integration

Who said changing a logistics partner was a hassle? Everyone! Thus, we changed that.  As a result, it’s now simple, speedy, and secure.  Set up your Shopify order fulfillment easily.  Did we mention FREE integration?  See pricing for more details.

Digital Fulfillment and 3PL Logistics Expert, so
you can be a Business Expert

We bring excellent customer service and operational service! As a result, we take the confusion out of 3pl logistics.  Customers are always happy (yours and ours!)  Stop wasting time worrying about your orders and multiple systems. Learn more details about our eCommerce fulfillment services here.

How Does eCommerce Fulfillment Work?

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Connect your eCommerce Store

You built your Shopify store in less than a week. Likewise, shouldn’t it take that same time to connect to a provider?

With eLogistics, there are no integration or setup fees.  The connection is as seamless and pain-free as can be! At this point, we’ll direct you on where to send your inventory.  Therefore, we can immediately place your products in the most accessible locations.  We strive to get the best shipping times and rates available.  So, no more botched order handling missed shipment windows, or last-minute expedited orders to meet your consumer’s needs!

Inventory Magic Happens

Inventory Magic Happens

After we receive your inventory, you get immediate visibility of it; including the order status. Using our proprietary Visibility portal, you’ll be able to see every order status.  Then, set “stockout” alerts so you never are caught empty-handed on any inventory.  Meanwhile, your customers never have the dissatisfaction of buying a product only to be told it’s out of stock.

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Fulfillment Bliss

While they say ignorance is bliss, we think insight is bliss! Due to our Visibility tool, you see how we pick, pack, and ship products every step of the way. Returns management? Indeed. Speedy fulfillment? Rather more like warp speed! Transportation management? We’ve got your shipping costs and capacity secure and stable.  Thus, you know that it will be delivered when, where, and how it should.

Finally, our goal is to make everyone knowledgeable, secure, and satisfied with their logistics services.  Whether you’re an industry vet or an industrious vet focused on creating the world’s next enhancement, eLogistics helps you succeed!

eCommerce Fulfillment Services

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eCommerce Fulfillment Services

Fulfill your product from any of our locations in the US! We will review and advise on where to place inventory based on sales history.  Then, your product is always closest to your customer. All that’s required is to send in the product.  Then, integration with your platform.  Finally, we can fulfill orders as they drop and ship according to your specifications.

Leverage our vast carrier network to access discounted pricing and committed capacity.

eLogistics has significant volume discounts with the major shipping carriers. When you are part of our network, you gain access to discounted rates, too!

eCommerce fulfillment visibility for you and your customers has never been easier. First, gain insight into orders throughout the process, from processing to picking, packing, and shipping. Then, access a single website to view everything you need to know about your fulfillment and returns, including KPIs, returns, and inventory levels, including setting low-level inventory alerts. And there’s no limit to users, so you never have to worry about licensing costs or running out of user access!

Returns don’t always have to be a bad interaction, nor do they mean lost costs on every return. We can process your return orders to your standards.  We can either dispose of the product or put it back into stock.  Regardless of the return process, you will have complete visibility on trends, return quality checks, and returns management.

About GEODIS eLogistics

GEODIS eLogistics is designed specifically to support multiple types of businesses.  For example, new etailers, upcoming apparel, and cosmetics brands, and existing small businesses.  That is to say; businesses need a logistics provider who not only can fulfill orders but can truly scale with them.  We have the experience and expertise as a global logistics provider.  Thus, helping us be the best eCommerce fulfillment services partner to every size and stage of business.

Handle the unpredictable forecasts like a pro!  These could be the unknown inbound arrivals and the last minute, “but my truck broke down, and now we can’t pick up until 2 am. Can you still be there?” Yes, we can because we’ve been through it all already at eLogistics.  Still, have some questions?  Check out our FAQ page for more details.

About GEODIS eLogistics

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